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Facial Services      $14-$44

Facial is a procedure that can improve the appearance of your skin as well as relax and soothe you. Facial is a great way to exfoliate your skin and purify it from within. If you have an oily skin, or a dry skin, or even a combination of both, a good facial is going to even out the texture of your skin. Facial works by exfoliating the outer layer of the skin and brings down the appearance of beauty flaws such as scars, wrinkles, and blemishes. We guarantee the best face skin care in Orlando. We have a great makeup artist at The Beauty Secret and they provide multiple creative looks to fit your needs. Visit us today to spend a quality “me-time” while we pamper you with our best-in- class spa facial in Orlando.

$24     Basic Facial

$35     Renewal Facial

$35     Purifying Facial

$44     4-layer Facial

$15     Back Facial

$24     Stone Facial

$14     Paraffin Facial

$25     Chemical Peel

$25     Microdermabrasion

$20     Eyebrows

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$10|$20     Chin

$7|$10     Lip

$10|$15     Cheeks

$30|$45     Full Face

$30     Underarms

$24     Arms (Elbow to Hand)

$30     Legs (Knee to Foot)

$50     Hip to Ankle

$30     Bikini

$40     Extended Bikini

$55     Brazilian

$25     Back Waxing

$150     Full Body Waxing


Microblading Services      $250-$500

Microblading is comparatively new to the eyebrow industry. This procedure is marketed to anyone whose eyebrows have thinned out and would like to improve the fullness and shape of their brows, which is done using a genuinely precise blade to deposit medical grade pigments into the first layer of the skin. The results are natural looking hair like Strokes that doesn't spill under the Skin and matches your original hair color. When the procedure is done the brows will appear darker; however, will fade within 2 weeks. The results can last 6 months to a year. A touch up once a year is recommended.

$85     6 Weeks

$175     Annual Touch Up


Hair Services      $50-$200

$50     Up Dos

$45     Wash & Set

$40     Colour

$50     Blow Out

$200     Sew in

$25     Treatments

$35     Short Cuts

$65     Relaxer